Body control and artistic style elements

Learn in our acrobatics classes at X-Step how to do rolls, various typs of handstands, a flic flac or even somersaults. Partner exercises will help you to event build a pyramid.


Don't be shy, come and join us at any level! Our X-Step acrobatics instructors will be glad to have you on the board.


Improve your coordination, speed up your reactivity and build elasticity. Your body control amd mobility will increase so that handstands and flic flac will be an easy thing to do.


Acrobatics train your coordination, reaction and body tension.

Acrobatics is a must for all circus' lovers and also for cheerleaders. Acrobatics are a challenge. Our acrobatics training is the ideal base for sports such as ribbon acrobatics, slackening or parcour. Learn the basics and use it for your own training.


Sport acrobatics is a diverse and fascinating sport that combines acrobatic, dance, gymnastics and frictional elements with gymnastics.


Acrobatics give you freedom for creative implementation. At X-Step Berlin we are not ceompetition oriented. In our acrobatics class we teach elementary movements like rolls, cartwheels and handstands and progress to more advanced variations like roundoff and/or flip flacs.


Acrobatics at X-Step are designed for adults and absolute beginners.

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