Breakdance for children and teens at X-Step in Berlin


Hip Hop music and Rap are your world?  Learn the right moves! If you are at least 10 years old, come and learn how to breakdance at X-Step in Berlin.


We will practice basic steps such as footwork, power moves, freezes and top rocks and develop different choreographies. Participate in dance-offs with your classmates by dancing in friendly breakdance battles with fellow kids and teens.


Breakdance is a fun way to improve your fitness and self-confidence.

Learn the breakdance basics at X-Step.

Learn the breakdance basics in our kids and teen classes at X-Step in Berlin. You will become a bboy or girl and soon will acquire skills to perform top rocks, up rocks and footwork. Show your style as a breakdancer!

We will start with top rock and then continue on the floor. Now that the footwork comes into play till the freezes closes. Power moves such as headsman, windmill or turtle are all about large dynamic movements, helping you be more acrobatic than just the footwork.

Learn Breakdance at X-Step in Berlin! 

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