Burlazz at X-Step in Berlin - a liason between Jazz und Burlesque

You are a woman a passionate about dancing? Join our Burlazz class at X-Step!


From different dance styles, such as jazz dance, funky, tribal or lyrical dance and of course the classical burlesque style, our instructor Sabine Hack has selected elements form each style in order to awaken the feminine sensuality.


It's not just about having fun learning this unique dance style, but also about celebrating these secial moments of feminine sensuality.

Burlazz has a steady fan base and new participants are always welcome!

Burlesque and Jazz - Burlazz for every woman

Burlazz is a neologism from Burlesque and Jazz. Burlazz is a statement form and for every woman. Burlazz provides you a platform for the original feminity of every woman.


The basis of Jazz Dance was created as a form of contemporary society and dance art in the U.S. The musical style is based on jazz music. Jazz dance evolved from African American dance styles.


Some of the jazz dances, such as Charleston, Jitterbug and Twist have movement patterns which date back to early African and slave dances. Around 1940, jazz dance was growing in popularity. In the 1950s and 60s elements of ballet, modern dance and tap dance integrated into jazz dance. After the 1960s, jazz dance grew in popularity in Europe. Jazz dance emphasizes fast, precise footwork and rhythmic body movements, where the enter of rotation are the hips. 

Dance Burlazz and explore your sensual side

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