Capoeira - a unique mix of martial arts and dance from Brazil.

Music is of particular importance in Capoeira. Instruments like the berimbau, the rousing rhythm that can be clapped and the vocals of fellow dancers create a motivating atmosphere. Enjoying Capoeira with your group will motivate you and infect you with lust for life.

Capoeiristas from X-Step in Berlin will teach you this fasciniating and diverse martial arts.

Capoeira will help you to get fit on all levels: physically, musically and socially. But above all, you will enjoy the Brazilian joie de vivre!


Capoeira - dancing and martial arts at X-Step Berlin.

Capoeira at X-Step in Berlin is a mixture of martial arts and rhythmic movements. Capoeira was developed about 400 years ago on the sugar plantations of Bahia by black slaves as an expression of resitance and defence. The three main elements of Capoeira are fighting techniques, music and rhythmic movements.

Capoeiristas never stop to move in the Ginga to the rhythms of the berimbau, conga, drums and tambourine. The Gingaist is not only a swaying step, but at the same time a fighting rhythm that is performed to the rhythm of music. Every Capoeirista has its own rhythm. From this Ginga fighting techniques and acrobatic movements will be performed, where you can hardly distinguish if it is dancing or fighting. 


Capoeira is fun but can also be very effective fitness training.

Experience the Brazilian way of life through music, vocals an movement with us at X-Step Berlin. 

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