Capoeira - Kids

Capoeira – dancing combined with martial arts for children and teens in Berlin


You enjoy moving, music and acrobatics?


This is Capoeira, a fascinating martial art from Brazil! Are curious now? Come around and join us!


Learn Capoeira with capoeiraistas at X-Step in a playful way. All together we will practice acrobatic movements for the Capoeira game. You will experience how motivation Brazilian music is and get to know new songs and musical instruments like berimbau. All of this is part of this unique martial art!

Capoeira for children and teens at X-Step in Berlin

Capoeira is a mix of martial arts and rhythmic movement that was developes about 400 years ago on the sugar plantations of Bahia by black slaves as an expression of resistance and defense The three main elements of Capoeira are fighting techniques, music and rhythmic movements.

Capoeiristas never stop to move in the Gringa to the rhythms of the berimbau, conga, drums and tambourine. The Gigaist is not only a swaying stop, but at the same time a fighting rhythm that is performed to the rhythm of the music. Every Capoeirista has its own rhythm. From this Ginga fighting techniques and acrobatic movements will be performed, where you can hardly distinguish wheather it is dancing or fighting

Learn and enjoy Capoeira in a playful and fun way at X-Step in Berlin.


We pay attention to the health of wour students and don't want ro overwhelm our juniors, but support and encourage them to try new things.

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