Contemporary at X-Step in Berlin


Learn Contemporary in a virtuoso appearing way!


At X-Step it's not about right or wrong dancing, but about the freedom to express yourself within the contemporary dance and to develop a hormonious physical awareness.


We dance choreagraphies to inspirational music and express wour new experiences in creative movements.


Contemporary at X-Step in Berlin

This dance style developed since the 1960s - integrates everyday life movements and the music uses everyday life sounds. A very well known collective of this time is the Judson Church. Contemporary dance is not the same as modern dance, it is rather a combination and development of various dance techniques.

Contemporary focuses on walking, falling and rolling, which differs from Ballet where you strech the body and strive for weightlessness. Contemporary is close to earth, making the ground your dancing partner.

We teach flowing movements involving conscious breathing in our Contemporary classes at X-Step.


Intensice training on the floor makes you minimize wasted energy and focuses on the perception of your joints. You will practice sequences standing in order to improve your reactions, coordination, balance and orientation in space. Expansive movements including falls, and jumps with defying gravity and swinging to follow.  

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