Crosshaus circuit training

Functional training improves your fitness! Crosshaus© circuit X-Step Berlin

Whether you're a couch potato or a star athlete, our effective Crosshaus© circuit training will improve your fitness.


Our special X-Step functional training is a combination of exercises using your own body weight and workout equipment - a training which enriches every workout schedule.


 Bonus: Your health insurance subsidizes our Crosshaus© circuit as a preventative course up to 80% according to §20 SGBV.


You will particitpate in different exercises at several training stations throughout the classroom. We adapt each exercise to your personal training level. We offer a large variety of exercises and change the focus of our circuit training constantly.


Crosshaus© circuit at X-Step in Berlin is a circuit training bades on functional training. Functional training is strength training which focusses on fitness, body awareness, coordination, stabilitzation strength and endurance. The combination of exerceises using your own body weight and our Big Five gym equipment is extremely effective. 


Crosshaus© circuit is also suitable for people who have not exercised a lot in the past. All exercises can be practiced at home as well.


Our casual and modern atmosphere at X-Step will motivate and encourage you!

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