Dancefloor – dance as much as you like at the dance school X-Step in Berlin for a fixed price of 69,90€ (except Pole Dance)

Your dance school X-Step in Berlin - we offer a full variety of dance


You've never danced before, but you've always wanted to take a dance class...always worried to much about finding the right fit? No problem, don't worry!

At X-Step in Berlin we will find the right class for you, just drop by for a visit and get dancing away.


We teach traditional dances like African dance and Ballet, but also have a special focus on contemporary dances like Reggaeton and Contemporary.


Experience the wohle world of dance at X-Step between Gleisdreieck Park und Potsdamer Platz.


This is a selection of our dance classes:


  • Street Dance
  • Ballet
  • Jazz Dance
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Burlazz
  • Dancehall
  • House Dance
  • Reggaeton
  • Contemporary
  • and many more!

Each dance class beginns with a warm-up, preparing your muscles and limiting the risk of injury. After warm-up, you'll beginn practicing basic steps and movement sequences guides by X-Step dance instructors. Our instructors are happy to answer questions, help improve your technique and give you advice, so you'll not only have a lot of fun at our dance classes but stay fit and develop more body confidence.


All of our dance instructors at X-Step are highly qualified and have an in-depth knowledge of the context of each dance.


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African Fusion

Experience yourself dancing to the driving rhythms of african music. We teach African dance in it's original form, focussing on the music and enjoying the fluidity of the movement.


Discipline and perfection. You'll have a lot of fun learning the basics of classical ballet at X-Step. It's never too late to dance.


Hip Hop music and Rap are your world? Learn the right moves at X-Step. Our Breakdance classes make it possible. We start wiht basic steps like footwork, power moves, freezes and toprocks and create cool choreographies. Let us inspire you! 


Show your feminine side dancing Burlazz at X-Step. Burlazz connects different dance styles such as Jazzdance, Funky, Tribal or Lyricaldance with the Burlesque moves. We inspire your feminine sensuality and strengthen your self-confidence.


Dance Contemporary with us. Our contemporary dance is virtuous and closely related to modern dance. At X-Step it's all about the freedom to express yourself within the contemporary dance art and to develop a harmonious physical awareness.


Dancehall - dance with us the original dance from Jamaica. The bass driven music and the unique flow will inspire you! Dancehall brings music and dance together. Skip, I swear and sweep are just three of many moves that you learn with us.

Hip-Hop / Streetdance

We love the urban dance style and will show you how to do the Streetdance. No fear of Kick-Ball-Change, Running Man and Bart Simpson. Learn choreographies and techniques and dance to chart hits or timeless songs of hip hop, soul, pop and rap. Come and dance with us!

House Dance

In the House Dance, the focus is on fun, the connection to house music, learning the technique and freestyle.

Jazz Dance

You like to dance? Then live it! Check out our different Jazzdance classes. At X-Step you have the choice between musical oriented Jazzdance, Jazzdance in combination with Streetdance and Latin Jazz: Jazzdance with Latin American influences. Try it!

Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance doesn't have an age limit and doesn't require the perfect physique. It has a special charm: it's all about having fun and expressing your personality. Oriental Dance will help you to improve your mobility, flexibility and vitality.

Pole Dance

Pole Dance is the full-body workout for more strength, flexibility and a better body feeling.


The music is a mix of reggae, dancehall and Latin influences. The music is uplifting, the rhythm absorbing, the bass ponding. Reggaeton is dynamic, explosiv and expecting. Let us sweep away, discover this energic dance at X-Step Berlin.

Solo Swing

learning solo dancing to swing music. In the world of swing dancing this style is called Solo Jazz or Vernacular Jazz

Tribal Fusion

You know all about Bellydance already? Try Tribal Fusion. Unlike Bellydance Tribal Fusion also include faster beats or violin passages. Hard pops alternate with soft feminine movements. Tribal Fusion is a relatively young and demanding kind of Oriental Dance.


Our strength training is ideal for strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system, either as sole training or in combination with other sports. We will create a personal training plan for you and constantly help check your achievements.