New: Start March 1st - POLE DANCE

Pole Dance - full-body workout for more strength, flexibility and a better body feeling

Dancing on the pole - a few years ago there was something wicked about it, but Pole Dance has its origins in traditional Asian acrobatics. Everyone can learn pole dance. Whether man or woman, old or young - the main thing is to bring the necessary motivation. Even if you consider yourself rather unsportsmanlike to date, try it out, Pole Dance can be just the thing for you. The training starts with simple exercises, soon you will see the first successes that motivate you to continue.


Attention: The Pole Dance class can only be booked with 10 cards & single classes

Visitors : 10 card 180.- € | single class: 20.-€

Members: 10 card 135.- € | single class: 14,50 €

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