Fascial Fitness

Fascial Fitness - makes your fascia flexible, stretchable, and resistant!

 Bonus: Your health insurance subsidizes our facial fitness training as a preventative course up to 80% according to §20 SGBV.

Academics all over the world are currently taking a closer look at the fascia of the human body, which nowadays play a much more significant role in pain treatments than in the previous years.

This is why fascial fitness is the perfect preventive sport. Regular fascia fitness helps you to prevent chronic back pain and fascial illnesses like heel spurs, neck pain, and headaches.

We developed the content of our fascial training based on characteristics of a healthy fascial network.

Our fascia need to be flexible, stretchable, and resistant - all these skills can be trained.

Fascia training at X-Step is divided into four different areas:

  • Resilient movements: Resilient movements like, jumping, swinging, and skipping activate the elastic storage capacity of your fascia.These movements help your muscle, connective tissue, and tendons in particular and build more endurance.
  • Dynamic stretching: Slow and dynamic stretching helps our fascia to become more flexible and elastic. Different exercises will help you to stretch your entire body, not only particular muscles.
  • Active fascia rolling: With the help of small fascia tools, you will be able to do a self massage. By doing this, the tone of your musculature and fascia will be reduced. Specific techniques can loosen tensions and agglutinations, and painful trigger points can be treated.
  • Stabilizing strength training: Exercises with your own body weight will strengthen your trunk musculature and stabilize your joints.

Regular fascia fitness helps you to prevent chronic back pain and fascial illnesses like heel spurs, neck pain or headaches.


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