Fight Club at X-Step. That's martial arts as much as you want for a fixed price of 59,90€ per month.

Beginners and advances students learn martial arts from different countries at X-Step Berlin -  with and without full contact. Find the right class for you!


Martial arts is holistic training. It teaches you physical and mental flexibility, discipline and self-control.  


Choose from a wide range of martial arts courses at X-Step Berlin:


  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Kali Sikaran
  • Strike the bag
  • Capoeira
  • Acrobatics
  • Systema

At X-Step we focus both, on technical perfection as well as on spiritual and mental training. As a holistic form of movement, martial arts has a positive impact on your body, mind and soul. It teaches you strength, endurance, flexibility, speed and coordination. You will train soft skills such as teamwork, self-control, self-assertion, discipline and respect. 

Gain your self-confidence and your self-assertion at our Fight Club classes!

A martial artist is not only able to defend himself but also to deal with specific situations. Martial arts follow an old tradition which we teach in our classes.

Martial arts classes at X-Step in Berlin are suitable for beginners and intermediates.


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Body control and artistic style elements. Learn how to do rolls, various types of handstands a flic flac or even somersaults. Partner exercises will help you to even build a pyramid.


Capoeira is a mix of martial arts and rhythmic movements to live music. This Brazilian martial art is extremly diverse and never boring. Capoeira helps you to be fit on all levels: physically, musically and socially. Learn Capoeira with us! 

Strike the bag!

Just like kickboxing, but without partner contact - this is Strike the bag! We will show you the correct leg position and pay attention to hitting techniques and the right coverage position. hit the sandbag as much as xou can to fast beats!

Kali / Sikaran

Kali Sikaran is one of the most versatile of the marial arts. Kali Sikaran is suitable for beginners and also for more experienced martial artists who want to try weapons.


We at X-Step in Berlin will teach you the different techniques of kickboxing. It is veratile, exciting and dynamic, as it combines boxing and kicking elements.


Learn the art of effective self-defence Systema. Our training focuses on how to react in stress situations and how to become more confident and self-assured. We at X-Step practice this specific and easy method of defense with lots of motivation. Let's do it!


You love intensive training and highly responsive sports? Then Taekwondo is exactly what you need! You will not only work on your strength, speed and skills but also focus on your concentration and mental peace.

Strenght training

Our strength training is perfect for strengthening your entire musculoskeletal system, either on its on or as additional training to other sports. We will create a personal training plan for you and constantly help to check your achievements.