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Hip Hop Culture in Berlin - Streetdance at X-Step

No fear of Kick Ball Change, Runninng Man and Bart Simpson.


We at X-Step in Berlin love the urban dance style and show you how to do the Streetdance! Learn choreographies and techniques and dance to chart hits or timless songs of hip hop, soul pop and rap.


Every class starts with a warm-up, where basic Streetdance steps are already integrated. We will learn how to isolate different body parts and of course develop a choreography. Having lots of fun you will not only get your body fit but also improve your sense of rhythm and dance skills.

Come and dance with us!

Our Streetdance class at X-Step stars with a warm-up, where you learn some basic Streetdance steps being followed by isolation exercises that are extremely helpful for dancing. The best part will be when we develop a Streetdance choreography out of the steps you just learned.


Streetdance is part of the Hip Hop culture

The original form of Streetdance is the Hip Hop and BBoying - BGirling, aka Breakdance. Over time, the Streetdance developed using less acrobatic elements.

Streetdance can been seen as a synonym for urban dance, because it is a generic term for all forms of dance that originated in urban areas such as youth centers, jams and clubs. The most important parts of Streetdance are battles and cypher. BOTY is the BBoy and BGirl Battle of the Year while Cypher are dance parties where everyone is freestyling without being in a competition.

Join the Streetdance Urban Crew here at X-Step in Berlin. 

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