Jazz Dance

From Jazz Basic to special classes - learn to dance at bei X-Step in Berlin


You like to dance? Then live it!


At X-Step you have the choice between:


  • the musical oriented Jazzdance,
  • Jazzdance in combination wirht Rhythm&Soul 
  • Latin Jazz with Latin American influences

Every Jazz class begins with a thorough warm-up. We teach you dance techniques with a lot of fun and develop meovement sequences in different dynamics. Rousing songs mixing elements of soul, funk, ballet and modern, are the baxics for our choreographies.

Our X-Step dance classes will not only help to improve your dancing skills but also to intensify the connection between your body and mind.


Learn Jazzdance at X-Step in Berlin

Due to the cultural diversity of Jazzdances we offer three different Jazzdance classes at X-Step.

Musical Jazzdance
Musical Jazzdance is all about great poses and great steps Choreographies are mainly built on Jazz hands and turns.

Rhythm&Soul Jazzdance
The Street Jazzdance variation combines Jazzdance with a lot of Rhythm&Soul.

Latin Jazz
This Jazzdance variation combines Latin Jazz with classical Jazz techniques. 

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please ask for schedule

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