Kali Sikaran

Join Kali Sikaran - Eskrima, one of the most versatile martial arts


Kali Sikaran is suitable not only for experienced martial artists who wish to supplement their experience with weapons but also for beginners who want to learn a new martial art.


At X-Step, you will not only improve your coordination, your strength and fitness, but also increase your ability to defend yourself with this Filipino martial art.


Kali Sikaran - Eskrima. Martial arts at X-Step in Berlin

The roots of Kali Sikaran are the martial arts from Southeast Asia, especially the Filippines. This martial art includes both, stick and knife techniques and unarmed fights.


A majo difference to Japanese styles is that from the beginning weaponries are part of the training and movement basis for many empty hands applications. 


Join Kali Sikaran - Eskrima, one of the most versatile martial arts.


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X-Step Kali / Sikaran (Kadena de mano)