We at X-Step in Berlin will teach your the different techniques of kickboxing!


It is versatile, exciting and dynamic, as it combines boxing and kicking techniques. Due to the variety of different combinations, kickboxing requires high coordination skills.


Our instructors at X-Step will show you the correct leg position, effective stroke techniques and correct coverage positions

Learning foot and boxing techniques, you'll improve your condition. Your stamina, your agility and your effectiveness will be enhanced.


Find the perfect balance to everyday stress burning all of your waste energy!

Kickboxing is a very dynamic sport as it is combining boxing with foot techniques. The focus is on discipline, fairness and respect for the training partner.

In Kickboxing hitting with feet and hands is allowed. Elbow strikes, headbutts and knee strikes are prohibited. There are different assumptions whether holding your partner is allowed. Low blows are taboo.


Kickboxing is martial arts. 

There are also different assumptions concerning hand percussions and rotation while punching and foot sweeps. Beating on the back, hitting the opponent while being an the ground and slapping is also prohibited.

At X-Step in Berlin, we teach the light contact and inclulde parnter sparring exercises.

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