Kung Fu - Kids

Have fun in the movement, and strengthen self-esteem - Chinese martial arts for children over 6 years

Kung Fu at X-Step means the training of body and mind, which is why it is particularly suitable for children and adolescents.In training, of course, it's about building muscle and strengthening the ligaments and joints, but also mobility, physical perception and all other important coordinative skills are trained child-friendly.
Chinese martial arts for children over 6 years at X-Step in Berlin
The physical aspects are also mental and social skills such as stamina, willpower, stamina, discipline, respect, diligence and respect for the training partners taught. The focus is on the development of the individual. The individual training sessions offer an exciting mix of strength, reaction, form training and, last but not least, playful elements. The learning of Chinese martial arts should bring the children first and foremost fun and joy in order to be able to develop further.

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