Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance - learn how to belly dance at X-Step in Berlin!


Oriental dance doesn't have an age limit and doesn't require the perfect physicque It has a special charm: it's all about having fun and expressing your personality.


At X-Step you will increase your flexibility and body coordination, but also practice the isolation of different parts of your body. The music will help you to express different moods and feelings. With a lot of fun and sensuality, we at X-Step will teach you the art of Oriental dance. 

You love Arabic and Turkish music? 

Come around and give it a try! 

Discover your own personality with belly dancing. Oriental dance at X-Step in Berlin.

You will have a lot of fun and share in positive energy while belly dancing at X-Step in Berlin. We are focusing on your body confidence and having fun moving with belly dancing.


We love belly dancing / oriental dance with its different modern elements. In a relaxed atmosphere we will not only practice hip movements, but train the entire body. You'll notice how your fitness, mobility and coordination will improve.

Be fit with oriental dance! 

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