Pilates – physical and mental health

You want to do something good for your health, or are already fit and looking for an effective additional training?


Join our X-Step Pilates class and notice the positive impact on your body. 

Bonus: Your health insurance subsidizes our Pilates class as a preventative course up to 80% according to §20 SGBV.


Specific exercises will strengthen your deep muscles and your so-called powerhouse, also your lumbal pelvic region will be activated. These movements, combined with a specific way of breathing will improve your posture. This helps to prevent back pain and prevent postural deformity.


Pilates is health by strengthening

An important part of our X-Step Pilates classes is breathing, because proper breathing will strengthen the whole body. We often breathe flat in our everyday life meaning our body does not get enough oxygen. This is why we can't get rid of all waste byproducts during our metabolic processes.


Concious, deep breathing has a positive effect on our health. A popular Pilates breathing technique is teh chest-ribs breathing which relaxes the neck and shoulders. Relaxation and strengthening the center of your body will hace a positice impact on your work-life balanace.


Try Pilates at X-Step in Berlin!

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