Learn to dance Reggaeton at X-Step in Berlin!


The music is a mix of reggae, dancehall and Latin influences. The music is uplifting, the rhythm absorbing, the bass pounding.


Reggaeton is dynamic, explosive and exciting


Learn more about this energetic dance at X-Step in Berlin. Move your booty, work out and get in shape! Our dance instructors will show you different exercises which help you to improve your flexibility and how to move with the rhythm. At the end of each class you will learn a short choreography.


Let the power and vitality of reggae ton inspire you!

Dancing to Reggaeton music

Reggaeton has its roots in reggae music. In the 1970s, Jamaican immigrants came to Panama where Reggae and Latin American culture first met. Reggaeton is the Latin American counterpart to Ragga which also developed from Reggae.

In the 90s, Reggaeton's popularity grew and finally came to Europe and Berlin.

Reggaeton is not only an exicting mix of reggae, dancehall, warned latin rhythms and Spanish rap, but also an exicting dance style. Come around and dance Reggaeton with authentic instructors at X-Step in Berlin.

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