Rehab classes

X-Step helps you to stay healthy. The goal is physical fitness as a prerequiste for an ongoing, holistic wellbeing. Soon you will be fit and healthy with our rehab classes. 


You rehab takes place in a modern atmosphere at X-Step in Berlin.

Over the years we created a sophisticated course system of back therapy training within a normal training atmosphere at X-Step in Berlin where all rehab, preventative and ather athletes work out together.


Everyone can benefit from this open class system and improve their health.


Get your personal workout plan:

If you received a prescription from your physician for rehabilitation sports, arrange an appointment with our physiotherapist and start your rehab!


Rehabilitation sports can:

  • be a balance between your professional and sporting life
  • be suitable for pain relief
  • stabilize damaged structures
  • strengthen the musculature of the trunk
  • improve your coordination and mobility
  • improve body perception
  • motivate and are fun

All this and much more is rehabilitation sports at X-Step in Berlin.

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