Spinal column

Spinal exercices boots your fitness!

Stay healthy with X-Step in Berlin. A strong back makes your life easier.


Good posture is important for everyone. In our professional lives, we are mostly sitting throughout the day and forget about relieving our backs. Take care of your health with our spinal exercises. Let us establish a basis for your long-lasting well-being which is definitely one of the most important things in life!

Bonus: Your health insurance subsidizes our spinal class as a preventative course up to 80% according to §20 SGBV. 


Walk upright, be fit and agile with our spine classes at X-Step in Berlin. Our classes are suitable both for beginners and advanced levels. A strong middle strengthens our whole body. Our spine is the most central point of our bodies, it pays to train it!   

Our relaxed, welcoming and modern atmosphere at X-Step in Berlin will motivate you! 

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