Strike the bag

Strike the bag - kickboxing at X-Step in Berlin

You don't know what to do with all your energy ? Strike the bag will be exactly what you need!


Just like kickboxing, but without partner contact - this is  Strike the bag at X-Step!


Our X-Step instructors will show you the correct leg position and pay attention to hitting techniques and postion. Hit the sandbag as much as you can to fast beats!

The combination of high speed, power and music makes our Strike the bag workout explosive and unique in Berlin. Leaving your everyday life behind you, you will train for speed, responsiveness, power and endurance.


Strike the bag - kickboxing workout exclusively at X-Step Berlin!

After some time you will notice that your condition, stamina and punches will improve. 


The conclusion: you will be fit!

Boxing gloves are available at X-Step. If your already have experience in kickboxing, join Strike the bag at X-Step in Berlin anytime.

Strike the bag - kickboxing in Berlin. Burn your energy with us. Let’s kick it ! 

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