You love intensive training and highly responsice sports?

Then Taekwondo is exactly what you need.

Taekwondo is a martial art which is popular among adults of both sexes. It is an intense martial arts training. In addition to an increase in general endurance and coordination, quickness and body control are specifically trained. Also, the mediation of the skillful plays a major role.


Today's Taekwondo ist divided into two areas - the traditonal part covers the principles of the traditional techniques of self-defence and forms. The modern, competition-oriented Taekwondo emphasizes the fast performances of movement techniques combined with high attack and defense readiness. 


Two areas of Taekwondo self-defense at X-Step

At Taekwondo competitions, attack and self-defense techniques are evaluated. The Taekwondo competition is an Olympic discipline and is performed as a full contact with protective equipment. At competitions punch and kick techniques will be evaluated for hit areas of the head and trunk. Competitions consists of three minutes each, in between each round there are breaks of each 30 seconds.


Wearing protective clothing is required. The weight classes for men are ranging from lightweight 50kg to heavyweight over 83kg, for women from lightweight 43kg to heavyweight over 70kg.

In addition to the physical exercise, the encouragement of mental aspects such als self-confidence, modesty, self-discipline and inner peace play a major role at Taekwondo..


At X-Step in Berlin we appreciate these aspects of Taekwondo. 


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