Taekwondo - Kids

Taekwondo for children: Learn self-defense, coordination and respect


Taekwondo is a martial art which is popular with children of both sexes. We at X-Step in Berlin offer specific classes for children and teenagers. 


Improve your flexibility, endurance, strength and speed having a lot of fun and learn discipline, fairness, respect and how to deal with rules. 

Our X-Step Taekwondo courses are designed for children in the age of 6-14 years

We teach the 1800 year old martial art from Korea therefore child-friendly and with a lot of playful elements. 

The traditional part of Taekwondo includes motion techniques, self-defense anf form running. 

The modern, competition-oriented Taekwondo focuses more on the quick execution of movement techniques, a fast responsiveness and a steady readiness for attack and defence. 

At X-Step in Berlin we teach techniques for both areas, self-defense and modern competition capabilities. 

At our children and teen classes having fun is more important than competition. However, Taekwondo belt exams take place on regular basis in order to enhance motivation. 

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