Alexandra is a educated sports scientist and works as a mental coach, dance and yoga teacher. She teaches Vinyasa Flow with a focus on breathing and the inner attitude that can bring body and mind back into balance. With dynamism and musicality, she invites you again and again to travel inside.



Crosshaus circuit training

Alex Hüfner´s fascination for sports led him to the founding of "Trainingsschule X-Step" in 1996. 20 years of experience in Coachings, Trainings, Lectures and Examinations in martial arts and rehabilitation make him an expert of functional kinetics and training.




Alicia discovered her love of dance at the age of 16, and since then X-Step has become her second home. She has already given youth courses and taught a workshop on the "Back to the Roots" festival, which gave her a lot of pleasure. She also collaborates on various dance and video projects under the direction of Nelodie Alroth. Currently she is studying sports therapy and prevention in Potsdam. In her class she would like to pass on her passion to you! Above all, she is thrilled by the exciting fusion of streetdance and contemporary: hip hop grooves combined with street dance and contemporary dance.



Oriental Dance | Tribal Fusion

During her professional training to JOM-Dance© Bühnentänzerin with the world known dancer Said el Amir, Alice improved her posture, technique, creativity and expression. Alice has been a member of various dance groups as Mirabilia, Jobalientah, Fanyamar etc. as well as the duo Kanijara. She also performs worldwide as a solo artist.



Pole Dance

Dance has always been an important part of her life. The desire for further development prompted her to try out different dance styles such as hip hop, modern, jazz and dance theater. Alla first came into contact with pole dance in 2015 and fell immediately in love. This mixture of dance, sport, strength and elegance fascinates her. She likes to share her passion for this beautiful dance style with her students. She particularly enjoys watching their progress and development and to accompanying them on this path.



Crosshaus circuit training | Spinal column

Anna Trageser is a state-certified sports assistant, certified fitness trainer, rehabilitation trainer and functional trainer.
Since 2012 she has been teaching strength and endurance courses such as functional training, circuit training, prevention courses, core suspension training (TRX),   gym workouts and dance courses. [Nbsp]
With fun and joy, she accompanies beginners as well as advanced users through intensive training.




I have been teaching Pilates at X-Step since 2004. You can call me X-Step fixture. My classes are a mix of coordination, balance and strength from the core. Since 2002 I have been excited about the Pilates-APPI-method. It is one of my two main focuses as a therapist and coach. My second focus lies on osteopathy and IMpuls®-Körper-Gestalt-Coaching.



Reggaeton | Twerkout

Antonia has been dancing for 25 years. She started with jazz and hip hop, later Bellydance became her passion. Six years ago, she started as Zumba instructor and since then she inspires people with her charisma and versatility. At X-Step she teaches Twerkout and Reggaeton.




Astrid Bialluch-Liu, 1. Dan has been doing Tae Kwon Do since 25 years. She has the Tae Kwon Do Instructor Licence C for Adults and Kids and is experienced in teaching. Her focus lies on traditional Tae Kwon Do. Besides various further trainings and professional training for "Landeskampfrichteranwärterin" Technique, she gained numerous places at Poomsae Championships. She was a member of the Berlin National Technique Squad and was in the DTU ranking list.




Benedikt absolved his professional formation in artistry at DIE ETAGE - school for performing and fine arts  in Berlin. Since his graduation he has worked as an artistry coach and lecturer for children, teenagers and adults.



Spinal column | Rehab classes

My credo: In my classes - to me it is important to know why I am doing what and to feel what is happening to my body in that moment. The main goal is that the students feel better mentally and physically after working out.



Spinal column | Crosshaus circuit training

Christin Kaschube successfully completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in fitness training in 2013 with a focus on training science and sports education. Since then she has been working as a self-employed coach for health, sport and nutrition.
In the Crosshaus circuit training, she attaches great importance to the fact that everyone can participate and develop individually. She uses various training elements to make her course varied and challenging.



Kali Sikaran

Frank Stolzenburg has had an impressive training course. He has studied karate for 5 years, Aikido for 3 years, since 1993 Ju-Jutsu and since 2004 Kali Sikaran. the Trainer B competitive sport of the DSB / DJJV and the   exam license LSB / BlnJJV. Frank was also able to continue his education in numerous courses, expand his knowledge and perfect his skills.



Yoga | Spinal column

In constant search for new physical and mental impulses, Felix has found his way to yoga in 2012. With calm joy he passes on his rich experience, from self-experience and the knowledge of different Yoga styles (Anusara, Ashtanga, Budokon, Jivamukti) to his participants. Empathic and reflective, he emphasizes the high quality of movement execution to accompany you precisely, as individual, healthy and effective as possible in your discovery and development of your own possibilities in yoga. His lessons are varied, physically and mentally challenging. Felix is ​​a certified Pilates trainer and has completed a 300h-AYA (Vinyasa / personal training) training at InsideYoga in Frankfurt am Main in addition to numerous workshops and further education.



Streetdance | Hip Hop

Hello, my name is Hakim, am 24 years old and am from Berlin. Since 2004 I have danced together with my crew 4sho and am a member of Team Recycled. I am focused on urban choreographies as well as commercial and modern styles.




Iris Raschle began her professional dance formation in Bern / Switzerland and gratuated later in Berlin, where she specialized in classical dance. As a dancer she worked with various artists and choreographers and is teaching children, teenagers and adults.



Cantienica | Pilates | Zumba

I discovered a new passion during my Pilates Qualification at the Europäische Sportakademie Brandenburg in 2013: The focus on the deeper muscles - the inner stability. The interlinked body is highly enriching and is completing my holistic approach.



Jazz Dance

Since completing her dance education, Juliane has been working as a freelance artist for various projects. Due to her diversity as a dancer, she was able to gain experience in the areas of TV productions, opera productions, dance theater and musicals, which she incorporates into her lessons. Juliane herself, as a sports-loving dancer, continues to educate herself and tries to cater to pupils on an educational basis. The motto: learning by playing.



African Fusion

Already in her childhood Luisa   Burow discovered her passion for dancing and began at the age of 8 with street dance, show dance and samba. She now works as a freelance dancer and has completed dance training in the balance 1. Since her roots are in Africa (Madagascar), she has specialized in this area and would like to teach dance with fun and joy with her course.




Mert aka Touro came in touch with capoeira as a little kid. He instantly liked the martial art Capoeira as it consists of various elements such as fighting, dance, acrobatics and music. Touro has been doing Capoeira for 16 years. Touro took various workshops with various mestre and travelled around ther world to enhance his Capoeira skills. Touro is Monitor of Capoeira Cultura Brasil by Mestre Bilo Bahia. He teaches all three styles of Capoeira: regional, pequeno and angola as he thinks that all of them belong to Capoeira.




Michel started with ZUMBA® as a participant in 2013, as a trainer he has been doing it since 2017. What distinguishes him and his classes from others is his very own dance style, his constant urge to develop completely his own choreographies and, above all, his downright contagious, cheerful appearance. And since he is a big fan of both former and current chart hits, his song list is always up-to-date & nostalgic at the same time, which means that every course participant is guaranteed to have some favorite hits!



Spinal Column | Pilates

I have been teaching dance, yoga and Pilates to adults and children with great passion and love for 10 years. It makes me very happy to accompany people of all ages on the way, to find more joie de vivre in the movement, to promote physical and mental growth and to lead a happy life.




Nay has always had a love for Caribbean music - especially dancehall and soca. Since she was little she has been dancing on it and has been doing it on a professional level for several years now. In 2019 she also won the Queens On Top title, which made her the national Dancehall Queen. In her course, Nay focuses on the female side of dancehall dance, which is closely intertwined with Jamaican culture. The focus is on female empowerment and the celebration of the female body.




Since completing her Bachelor of Dance in Education at the ArtEZ Danceacademy in Arnhem (NL) in 2018, Paula Pröbrock has worked internationally as a dance pedagogue, dancer and choreographer. She was Guest lecturer at the ArtEZ Danceacademy and dance teacher with the Dutch dance company SALLY Dansgezellschap Maastricht. In Berlin she is Guest dancer with the Lavamover Contemporary Dance Company, designs dance theater projects with the Tulipa Theater and teaches contemporary dance in dance and special needs schools in the city.




My name is Pedram, I am 30 years old and originally from Iran. I've been breakdancing for 18 years and I like to pass on my knowledge. When I started breakdancing, I could hardly wait for the next workout because I wanted to learn the next moves as soon as possible. Enjoying movement is key to becoming a breakdancer!




At the age of nine, Rima discovered dancing for herself. Starting as a cheerleader, Rima joined a large dance club at the age of eleven, where she danced different styles such as Hip Hop, House, Locking and Vouging. At her first dancehall workshop Her passion for this dance culture was awakened for ten years. Rima has been intensively involved with dancehall for almost four years, taking part in numerous workshops and camps, creating numerous choreographies and shows and sharing her passion and her knowledge of dancehall in various workshops. Because of her great passion for dancing, Rima has now moved to Berlin.



Burlazz | Jazz Dance

After two years at the New York City Dance School in Stuttgart, Sabine Hack intensified her formation and was given grants for Steps and Broadway Dance Center in New York. Since 2005 she has studied Kathak at the Academy of Kathak Dance in Berlin.



Reggaeton | Lady Hip Hop

2000 Sahar began dancing Hip Hop. She started with different dance styles such as Streetdance, Reggaeton, Jazzdance and Funk Styles such as Popping and Locking, which are reviving nowadays. She combines all styles in her Hip Hop Flow and is a strong, creative and stylish dancer, new styler and stage personality.



Strike the bag | Kickboxing

Fun, power and precision are the things that Sophie values and loves about martial arts. As a trainer with the C license in popular sports, she works at university sports at the University of Potsdam in the areas of kickboxing, fitness and fascia training. She has been training kickboxing regularly and with great motivation for over five years.



Taekwondo | Kickboxing

My name is Vitali becker and have been a martial artist since 25 years. I have been a martial arts instructor for Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Self Defence and Batsudo since 2003. I give classes in classic Tae Kwon Do, Self Defence and Batsudo in Berlin. I teach classic Tae Kwon Do, Self Defence, special classes for women, children and teenagers. I ork with Weapons such as sticks, tonfa and knives. My other focus lies on fitness training. I have been hosting a youtube Channel - One Two Punch - since April 2015. In my channel I am testing products for my community, trying out new methods and giving fitness advice.




Yvonne Vendrig obtained her professional formation at Het Konservation in Utrecht and at the Staatliche Hochschule für Tanz und Musik in Den Haag. Together with the Het Nationale Ballet she toured around the world at played main parts in Swan Lake, the Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle. Yvonne Vendrig is Maitre de Ballet of the famous MDR Deutsches Fernseh-Ballett in Berlin.