Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion – the next generation of belly dancing at X-Step in Berlin

Are you bored of belly dance? 


Tribal Fusion is the solution - here at X-Step in Berlin


Tribal Fusion is still a relatively new and very demanding oriental dance. Unlike Bellydance, Tribal Fusion also includes faster beats or violin passages. Hard pops alternate with soft feminine movements. 


Tribal Fusion is a highly individualized and improvisational dance which combines various elements of folklore from different dance cultures mixed with modern styles such as modern dance, jazz and popping. 

According to that both, dance repertoire and music are very diversified. Tribal Fusion follows the idea of a world without borders, where everything is consolidated what helps to express one's personality but without losing respect for the culture of the elements. All areas of your body will be trained. The most famous representive is Rachel Brice.

Tribal Fusion is a great complement to other dance styles.

Tribal Fusion at X-Step in Berlin

Tribal Fusion lessons at X-Step in Berlin will help you to improve your body perception and the isolation of individual muscle groups. Characteristic movement elements will be learned and put  together afterwards. The class ends with a choreography and gives you time to perfect and practice the movements learned during class. 

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