Relaxed on the yoga mat - Yoga at X-Step in Berlin

At our Hatha Yoga class at X-Step in Berlin we focus on being mindful in our bodies and perceiving our breathing. We will learn simple and effective postures and slight movements sequences. 

While practicing Yoga, we not only grow our physical strength and flexibility but also our power of concentration. The result of this combination is inner peace and calmness. Right breathing, stretching and relaxing relieves stress and also ensures health and balance.

This will have a positive effect on your happiness and improce your work-life balance.


Yoga at X-Step in Berlin - we have a yoga mat for you!


We at X-Step in Berlin practice Hatha Yoga. in Europe and in the US, Hatha Yoga is the most popular form of yoga and practiced in order to enhance your physical and mental health.


Other yoga concepts attach importance to other levels of yoga exercise. Bhakti yoga is probably the most common yoga system in India. This system reminds you of being self-controlled and to follow religious commandments.


Another important concept of yoga is mantra yoga, which includes the vocalizing of certain formulas, Karma Yoga, where movements are more important and Jnan Yoga, which focuses on an intellectual approach. Royal Yoga or Raja Yoga combines Bhaki, Karma and Jnana.


Train your body and your soul with Hatha Yoga at X-Step and imporve your health and your wellbeing. 

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