Zumba® – the best fitness party in Berlin


Anyone who sees a Zumba® class, wants to join in immediately. Zumba© classes are engaging and just incredibly fun. Powerful Latin rhythms and international beats guide cou throughout the workour. 

Before you will have the chance to notice it, you will be fit and full of energy!


Do you want to loose weight? Try Zumba® - as interval training it maximizes fat burning, your perfect body is waiting for you. The change between fast and slow rhythms in order to increase your muscle formation and get xou in shape. 


No fitness class compares to Zumba® fitness party. Getting started is easy, the workout effective and fun.


Zumba® is similar to aerobics, but as Latin inspired dance workout, it is an entry into the world of dance. Simple steps and choreographies are integrated into the training where the music makes you move! This is the unique character of Zumba®.

Summer holidays for beginners and seniors - Zumba® Gold

Zumba Gold® is the perfect training for beginners and active seniors. We focus on having fun, enjoy dancing and staying fit. The moves and the pace of the class are adapted to the needs of active, older participants.

It is suitable for those who just started their way to a sporty and healthy life but all of the elements of a Zumba® fitness party remain: hot music, fun, easy moments and a great party atmosphere. 

Zumba® Gold is your dance fitness class, a great atmosphere and lots of fun are guaranteed. 

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